Over the last few days, I have received a few press releases from brands exhibiting at Baselworld. The event seems really low key in comparison to other years. I couldn’t attend the fair this year because of other very important projects, which had to be prioritised. However, if I did have the time and money I would probably visit the show to meet members of the AHCI (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants). These craftsmen really stimulate me to write about horology because of their integrity and passion for the industry. » Read more

A few months ago I become a contributing writer for one of the largest watch retailers in the world. It’s an amazing opportunity because they give me enormous creative autonomy to feature the timepiece I love. One of my recent reviews focused on unique carbon fibre watches. This topic resonated with me because I actually co-designed (with my watchmaker friend) the world’s largest carbon watch called the ‘Pure Carbon’ This timepiece is featured in my forthcoming book entitled ‘Independent Watchmakers’. Another really cool carbon watch is the Freak X Carbonium by Ulysse Nardin. » Read more

One of my favourite pastimes is to explore South Australia’s most scenic coastal destinations. On this occasion, I and a friend decided to take a picnic to Hallett Cove. Even though this picturesque suburb is only 21km outside Adelaide CBD it feels like a completely different work. Unlike other beach resorts, Hallett Cove is best appreciated from the steep cliff tops. From this point you can hear the waves crashing, view dolphins swimming and take in dramatic sunsets. For that reason, it’s a favourite with British residents and a place I would love to build a bespoke home. » Read more

For many years the watch industry has focused predominantly on male tastes. Ultimately, that is because a finely crafted timepiece is the only piece of jewellery a gentleman can legitimately wear without appearing too flamboyant. Certain friends of mine are crazy about watches and can discuss the subject for hours. They are fascinated to discover as well as being an author I also design watches. In general, my pieces are massively oversized and have an industrial aesthetic. However, they could be adapted to fit smaller wrists and even cater to the discerning female clientele. Certainly, many other brands are now producing lady’s watches including Swedish favourite Gustafsson & Sjögren. » Read more